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What is the positioning I ROAST?

The abbreviations I ROAST mean App Store Optimization, that as its name indicates consists of a strategy to optimize the positioning of movable applications within the App Store of the present movable devices.

The positioning I ROAST looks for to locate a certain application in the first results search when a user accedes to the results of the stores of applications, and so, whichever greater visibility has a concrete application, more usuary will be able to accede to her, which entails more possibilities of than this one is unloaded.

Therefore, I ROAST could consider the SEO of the movable applications. It is necessary to say, as well, that both systems of positioning use similar mechanisms as for example the use of keywords.

It improves the position of your movable applications.


Why the success of the positioning I ROAST?

At the moment the users prefer to much more realise their consultations in the network through the movable devices that by means of the computer. For this reason, the tendency of many businessmen is the one to have a movable application that it gives visibility to this business, marks or company. Despite it is not enough with having a movable application if there are no users who can accede easily to her. This is what wants to obtain I ROAST, to make arrive at the greater number of users possible a certain application and to obtain that this one is visible and, therefore, susceptible of unloadings.

It knows why to invest in positioning I ROAST

63% of the applications that unload the users are discovered thanks to the searches of applications, which turns the searches through it stores of applications into the method more used to discover and to unload new applications.

  • To increase the unloadings of your App
  • Locate you in the first positions of App Store
  • More visibility for your App

It don't mention it does not serve to invest in an application for movable devices if soon the possibility of finding it easily and that is not offered to the users they can unload it, and so in this case, turns out more profitable to realise a small investment and to optimize the results of the initial investment in the application.


The main virtues of the positioning I ROAST


  • Use of systems of positioning very similar to those of the SEO
  • Correct use of key words or Keywords
  • To redirect the users

Although this can seem a simple task is necessary to put itself into the hands of professionals to remove the maximum benefit from this practice that, to be realised of incorrect form, would make us lose time and money.

The fact to use key words allows to direct to the users towards a certain application, which repels directly in the amount of unloadings that receives, which influences its positioning directly.



Benefits of the positioning I ROAST

  • To give visibility to an application
  • To secure a greater number of unloadings.

By means of the positioning I ROAST we were able to locate an application at the top of the finders which generates more visits, than they as well make increase the unloadings of this application. It is not necessary to forget that in the world of the applications, as more unloadings have these, more visits will have and therefore feed back its installation.

It is necessary to consider that the positioning I ROAST can be a slow work but that it generates some safe results. For this reason it is not necessary to leave it never of side and to be updating it constantly based on the movements and tendencies of the users. It is important to know the mechanisms positioning that allow to remove to the maximum party and benefit from this strategy.