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SEO Express service

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* the words will be chosen by means of a previous study.

* the price of this service, will vary based on the difficulty of your sector, your website and the number of chosen key words.




Key words

Phone number



The SEO or natural positioning, is all that with the appearance of the webpages in the organic results. 
 These results, are those that the finders (as Google, Bing,…) they show by means of a complex algorithm, ordering the webpages, according to the quality that assigns to them. However, you website will be more protected and better if you are using a vps hosting low cost that will help you a lot. A cheap vps hosting linux is a really good option considering if you are using Linux as your OS. The other option that you might want to consider is by using a cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth for your convenience. Other than that, you can also use a cheap dedicated server linux service.
SEO: Optimization Search Engine, optimization for finders. One is to comply with the directives that need the finders, google, bing, msn, yahoo, etc, so that his spiders or robots (pengin, bulging, googleboot, slurp, msnboot, askrastreator) finds the information that need altar to position each one of the Webs in the site that corresponds to them.

Organic or natural results are called since they take place of natural form according to the relevance of the term search of the user compared with the agreement of the pages that are. The finders always try to show the pages that greater importance have asegún the words that the user in the field uses search.

For example, if we looked for spoon in any finder, surely the first result that we obtain will be of Wikipedia: history of the spoon, but we looked for metal spoons, most probable it is than we find manufacturers of spoons of metal or stores of metal spoons.